Wednesday, December 28, 2016

LASTON (Renew Wipes & Spray Guard)


Laston is a one in a million way to prolong the life of a favorite Handbag or Wallet . Laston offers the right amount of ingredients in their products to acheive the right amount of care for your leather handbag or wallet. You may have a designer handbag that is sitting on your top shelf, that needs a little love such as cleaning and getting the handbag. Laston Guard provides a protective barrier for leather,suede and fabric handbags. The Laston guard repels water and stain without weaking the breathabilty of the material. When I spray the Laston guard, it goes on clear and dries clear with no shine or gloss. The Laston Guard & Water Repellant is specially formulated for leathers. Using the Laston Guard & Water Repellant is a great product to use on your purse, handbags and wallets. I have the Laston Renew Wipes , which also is another great Laston product to use on your handbag without drying it or changing its beautiful finish. Each wipe is thick, strong, and big enough to handle dirt,smudges,or accidental spills. Tuck one in each handbag, so you are always ready to respond to any wipe down or even a small touch up from fingerprints or smudges. I enjoy using both products together to give my purse that Lovely Renewed Look. You can find a variety of Laston products on Amazon and Directly on their website LASTONCARE.COM

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