Great car mount to hold those cellphone while driving
It is a good idea to have a car mount to hold your cellphone when you are driving and this holds my phone with a sturdy hold and fit.It has easy lock and release: updated one-press mounting system easily releases the device with a single press on the back.This is a great cell phone car mount that you can use and not worry if your phone is going to fall. The mount is adjustable to fit cell phones. Once mounted, it holds together pretty well. I like that the cell phone mount provides 360 degree rotation, so that I can view my phone from any angle. I don't normally use a mount, so this took some getting used to. Once I did get used to it, I found that it is pretty convenient. I would not hesitate to recommend this cell phone car mount to others.There's a locking mechanism so you have to slide the unlock button on the back of the holder to extend the arms and once it's locked, you can't expand or decrease the arms. You have to unlock it before you can adjust the arms. So that means it can fit larger phones as well. The legs were kind of hard to take out, I thought I was going to break it but I guess it needs tough love too in order to release it. The rotating joint allows me to move my holder around in whatever position and once it's screwed tight, it stays in that fixed position.

Disclaimer : I received this complimentary in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and my opinions are 100% of my very own.

 Brewing a Single cup of coffee just got Easier

You can Brew a personal cup of coffee with the VonShef One Cup Coffee Machine .No more time wasted waiting for a full pot to brew the One Cup Coffee Machine lets you get your caffeine fix quickly and conveniently. The VonShef is easy to use one touch operation dispenses coffee directly into the mug. Simply fill the water tank, add ground coffee to the reusable mesh filter, power up and piping hot coffee will be dispensed in just 5 minutes. Indicator light lets you know when the machine is in use. I am very satisfied with VonShef Single serve personal coffeemaker my brew personal coffee maker. It is quick and easy to make and clean. I really like the on the go cup/mug as well, and my coffee actually stays hot in it which is wonderful. I like that is just makes the whole coffee making process so much simpler and easier. This is definitely a problem solver for me. I also love that it does not take up much counter space. This is a great coffee maker for on-the-go, which i always am. I would definitely recommend this product to friends.


 Smooth listening headphones

I love a great set of headphones that fit my ear and not the type of headphones that fall off to the slightest moment.My Blackzebra headphone are a great set of headphones due to the fact that they are fold-able if I need to carry them in my purse bag or what ever bag that I use to carry. I love the look and feel of these headphones they are a great set of headphones that I wear for my listening pleasure such as my favorite song, and I can even answer my calls with this headphone. The headphone paired so easy with my phone in under than a minute my phone was paired with this headphone . I charged the headphone , turned on my bluetooth setting on my phones, and paired the headphones, and got connected. It is not hard at all to conect these headphones to your phone or whatever device(phone) is compatible with your headphones. The sounds that come flowing out my headphones is pure music and not static. I like wearing my headphones at work the most .even if I don't wear my headphones all the way over my head , I will wear them around my neck, the reason I wear them around my neck is because if I need to get a better intense way of hearing the sound I just let them dangle around my neck and I listen to my music that way. I can not begin to say how much I love these headphones and how much joy I get out of wearing them at work to keep myself entertained. An great set of headphones to have and own for great listening music pleasure.

Disclaimer : I received this complimentary in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, and my opinions are of my very own.


 A Sweet JuicerJanuary 16, 2016

Me and my family had so much fun with juicer. We did a variety of juices with my juicer. We made oranges first and made Orange juice, orange juice never tasted so good when it is homemade. We did Apples next, and made some homemade Apple juice which tasted so fresh. I tasted the different between the two juice , what I did was bought a store brand as compared them with my family members, I put the juices in two same cups under cup A and Cup B for both the apple juice and the orange juice , and asked my family which juice tasted better A or B and not telling them which one was which , so they said B tasted better , A was the store bought brand Juice, and B brand was the homemade juice that I made from the juicer. I never though it would be so easy to make your own juice , I am hooked on this juicer and love making juice for my family and myself. I have even made a mixed variety of juice with my juicer. The best thing about this juicer is the fruits that I use are healthy and there is no added sugar,and what you taste is 100% pure juice. I love this juicer ,and I love being able to no longer buy store bought juice any more. This juicer is truly a sweet blessing.

Disclaimer : I received this Complimentary in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, and my opinions are 100% of my own.


A very high tech Camera

This is an great camera to own in your home. You honestly have to have a lot of patience when is comes to this camera. My installing was not a easy one I wanted and would have loved to install this camera with my smartphone, but was not able to do that with numerous tries due to the fact that my smartphone was not compatible with this camera. I said how hard can this be to install this to my smartphone, well, I finally went online searching for information about this camera for a window phone, and what I mean is you have to install an App called Amcrest View Lite or Pro to link or connect your mobile smartphone to your camera. I search and search, and No app is available on a window phones period. The reason why an APP is not available is because , This Amcrest is not compatible period with a windows phone. I finally decided to call tech support and get some help with questions that I had about being able to connect this camera with my smartphone which is a windows phone, the tech support person was very nice and supported of helping me with unanswered questions about the camera. He walked me through the steps of the Amcrest camera he stated that my phone which is a ( Windows phone ) is not compatible with this device. The reason for it not being compatible with this device is This device (camera) is ONLY compatible with an ANDRIOD, IOS PHONES ONLY and if you have an windows phone it will not work at all. Being the person that I am I never give up on installing a device that I like and love I give it my all until I have sucess. Which I did finally toward the end of my process. One very important thing you need to know is you have to install The App Amcrest View Lit or Pro in order for this camera to show up on your mobile phone if ONLY if your phone is a IOS or Andriod phone. The tech support person did tell me their is another way to install this camera which is I installed it on my laptop Pc, I asked him if I could install this on my tablet since my tablet is an Andriod device , another important thing please note , you have to download the App from the google play store and if you have an apple phone?device you have to download the same App from the apple store, and I repeat if you have an WINDOW SMARTPHONE it is not going to work at all it does not matter how old or new the windows phone may be it is not compatible with a windows phone..The tech walked me through once again the steps of hooking up the camera to my laptop PC. I plug my camera up once I saw the green light I proceeded to take the ethernet cord included in the box and connected this same cord to my WIFI modem /router , the reason I did this is so that the camera can transmit an my ip adress when I connect it wireless. I did all my steps that is include in my instructions as stated. Please be advised if you miss a step tech support will be so kind to walk you thru the steps. I got my camera up and running thanks to the nice tech support person that helped me thru every step of the way. The number is included in your instruction booklet , This camera which I forgot to mention came with an Cd to have when you install the software on your PC, this is needed to install your camera, also include in the same box was the Ethernet cable/cord , plug, CD disk, Instructions booklet, warranty , USB cable, mount with screw to attach , and the camera it self. This was an fantastic experience I had with a real high tech device such as this camera.Overall this is a great camera that has a whole lot of features such as you can zoom in , you can rotate the angle and degrees of this camera all from the touch of a button and this is why this camera deserves 5 stars because it is very high tech.

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest review,Regardless I only recommend products or services that I believe will be good for my readers.


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