Saturday, October 24, 2015

Santa is Making a List of Holiday Gooodies

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for spreading Holiday Cheers and Joy. I love spreading the Joy of all the fantastic products that you can buy and purchase for your gift giving list. It brings me joy to be able to see a smile or even make someone smile for Christmas with all the wonderful goodies that I want to share. Caring is sharing, and what wonderful way to share is to spread the love. I will feature all my great and fantastic goodies for Christmas.

Music to me with a great headphone is amazing. I just love these headphones.I love the color, design, the features of this wonderful headphones It came in a beautiful candy red color, and is wireless. I can say these headphones are fantastic to sport with my phone , Ipad, or tablet . My headphones are wiresless which is the best feature about this. I can go outside, I can walk, jog or run with these headphone. They fit so comfortablely around my neck and they fit snuggly on my ear, not too tight but that just right snug feel. I love the way that this feels on my ear they feel so soft, the ear muff is padded so soft and snug for your listening pleasure. I find when I am listening to these headphones I enjoy the smooth sound that come flowing through the headphones. It is not hard to to say that these are a great set of headphones. And I can not leave the best part out on these headphones , the headphones are light weight and fold-able to carry in your bag or purse. And they are especially light- weight to wear. I find the sound that flow thru these headphones are amazing and I just love the way I feel when I wear these headphones.,Such a wonderful feeling to have and put a smile on my face .


You can purchase these on , Right on time for Christmas

Another yet wonderful great Product to add to your Christmas list is the 

Tonor Audio Equipment Studio Condenser Microphone Mic Sound Recording Stand for Laptop PC , such a wonderful Mic for Recording your Voice and keeping it tuned. I love the fact that I can record my voice from my computer, and not worry about the background noise. I do lots of recording and I do video recording on my YouTube channel and sometime my audio is often low when I record. So I need a microphone where I am heard and not muffing out my sound. This is an fantastic microphone that I use every time, I record my YouTube videos and it is so wonderful to be able to hear my voice crystal clear on this microphone. It is very important to me to have a great microphone to do my video and not worry about my voice fading out in the background . I can truly say that I love this microphone because it is a lifesaver to me when it comes to recording myself on YouTube and hearing my voice without the background noise.It is amazing to now do my video and can play back my recording and listen to my voice with out the noise that I sometime get in the background. I 100% recommend this microphone to all my friends and family that like & love to hear their voice.

You can purchase this as an gift to add to your list   on

I am in the Christmas spirit when i put on my hat this hat came in red color and trimmed in white with a Soft ball at the tip. I love the holidays and I especially love being festive for the holidays. Nothing feels better than Christmas approaching and showing off your Christmas spirit with this wonderful hat. It reminds me of Santa's Hat and the joy it brings to wear it . I love to see the smiling faces when I wear my Christmas hat ( Santa Hat) . What I am going to love more than anything is all my accessorizes like my earring and necklace that I will wear with this hat. Christmas is a special time of year where you would like to be in the spirit and show that you love the holidays. Now with my Hat I can wear this anywhere and Smile. This hat material is soft and the color is red trimmed in white with a white ball and one size fits all. You can  purchase this on  

Here is a great gift for your feet that I love to share with you You got to show your feet love , just like you would your hair and nails. I care about my feets and how they may look so I use my Foot file Best electric Callus remover. This callus remover can be used wet/ dry on your feet. I wear shoes that cover my feet and my cause my feet to dry out at times . Now that is where the my wet/dry callus remover has came in handy. I take my shower/bath and after I dry off I apply my cream to soften my feet , I then proceed to use the callus remover over the areas of my feet that need callus removal. I work and have callus that irritate me sometime when I am wearing my shoes, this is awful when you can't work from callus . I use the callus removal on an as needed basis to ease my feet with those bothersome callus get on my nerve. this is a wonderful removal for callus on your feet. Your feet can be wet or dry when using this device. I use mines sometime wet but mostly dry, and love the look and feel of my feet.

You can now purchase this on

How about this small humidifer it is great for a gift .This is so cool! I was amazed how something so small like this humidifier is so unique in performance and style. I at first did not know how to work this, I read my directions over and over until I finally got it. The mini humidifier is small but yet portable it can sit on your desk or tabletop, or even your night stand. I use my throughout my home . So there is no certain area of my home that I use this humidifier in , just mainly wherever I decided to take it. I even take this to work with me to put on my desk. My coworkers think this mini humidifier is so cool, because it is fantastic . I unscrewed a soda bottle and placed it on top of the base with a measured amount of water inside of the soda bottle and now you have a great but fantastic humidifier to help breathe with ease. I am glad I learned how to operate this humidifier ,this is a one in million humidifier , even though this is small it does nothing but wonderful things for me.

You can find this little great humidfer on

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