Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Skinny Blend Weight Loss Shake


Losing Weight is a Goal that I have made a promise to myself to lose a couple of pounds. I live a busy lifestyle where, I am often too busy to take the time to count my calories when I eat a meal. Breakfast in the morning begins with my favorite sausage,egg, and a biscuit along with a coke to drink.  It is so hard to eat healthy when you lead a busy life on a daily basis. The Skinny Blend Shake in the flavor Vanilla has been a life saver in the mornings, lunch and Supper. I don't feel stressed as much when I need to eat a meal. The Skinny Blend actually helps decrease my early morning appetite. I get ready for work as I normally do and I get my Blender Bottle which has a blender ball inside the bottle. I normal would make this shake in my blender but, my time is cut in half by using my blender bottle. This blender bottle has a ball that is durable enough to mix my shake when I add the vanilla skinny blend shake and water or milk (low fat, almond, or soy milk) to the bottle. I then proceed to shake the shake in my blender bottle until the shake is evenly mixed. I always make me a shake for breakfast before I go out the door to go to work, and at Lunchtime when I am at work  I mix up a vanilla shake along beside a Salad that I prepared at home for my Lunch the night before. I carry this shake in a pre-measured amount in a ziplock bag along with my bottled water or milk. I make it easier for me to prepare this at work. Everything is already the day before so that when I go to lunch. The Skinny Blend shake has a special blend of 7 Protiens to maximize fat loss and decrease appetite, it also nourishes your body and gives you energy up to 4 hours. This is a great product to help me reach my weight loss goal. You can find a variety of SkinnyJane  products at Skinnyjane.com  


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