Sunday, February 5, 2017

Gold Medal Wine Club { Highflyer 2011 Centerline} {Priest Ranch 2013 Sauvignon Blanc}

             NAPA VALLEY

Priest Ranch 2013 Sauvignon  ( White Wine)
Highflyer 2011 Centerline (Red Wine)
I am a Wine Lover, and I especially love the taste of an Delicious tasting wine. I am the type of wine lover that acquires a certain taste of wine. Anyone can walk into a wine store and buy wine. But, the question I ask most important is  and can not be answered by a store clerk. "I like to know the history of the wine that I am purchasing". I was overjoyed when I did my research and found this most wonderful Wine club ( Gold Medal Wine Club). This is one amazing Wine Club that I am now a member for life. The Gold Medal Wine Club  has so much to offer when it comes to wine. I am not left trying to decide on what wine to taste. I am given a full history of where my wine came from such as the Highflyer 2011 Centerline Wine. The history of this wine began in the vineyard {Napa Valley } and Craig Becker is the winemaker of this Elegant wine. Gold Medal Wine Club has Award-winning wine delivered to your door every month. Being a part of Gold Medal Wine Club is an great opportunity, I get to enjoy a superb selections of wines that comes from a real working winery and is 100% authentic. You have the options of choosing "all reds" or "all whites" wine or you can even customize your own variety. Highflyer 2011 Centerline is a very distinctive and definitely a crowd pleaser when it comes to a taste test. This wine has the aromas of berries,chocolate, and spices that complement the full rich palate flavors of fresh berries and a hint of oak. My taste buds ran wild with this distinctive red wine. This wine leaves me enjoying wine at it Finest.

                             NAPA VALLEY
As I mention , I am a true wine lover. I am very picky about what wines I like and dislike. I have the pleasure of tasting a white wine which is one of my favorite wines also. The wine that I am enjoyed and my taste buds feel in love with is Priest Ranch 2013 Sauvignon Blanc. This is a white wine that has a fruity taste that I love to savor the flavor. Wine should taste as great as it slowly ages. This wine has aged enough for me to enjoy the superb taste of the fruits that I pour in my wine glass. This is a fine white wine that has aged with perfection.  This is a special selection wine., this actually makes the wine one of my wines that I add to my Fine Wine collection when it comes to taste alone. Gold Medal Wine Club is where I purchased this wine. Gold Medal Wine Club is a wine club that has a only the finest  red, and white wine to chose from. The wine that you chose is delivered right to your front door every month, every other month, or even quarterly. You can choose up to 2- 12 bottles in each shipment. What I like the most about this club is this wine is ship directly to my front door. I have never seen such a beautiful bottle of wine that arrives in a fine organza cloth gift bag, tied with a ribbon and bow. This is a wonderful and beautiful way to receive a bottle of wine. I can not leave out the Beautiful Personalized greeting card that has your name written on it with a special greeting. You even get a fun informative newsletter with each wine shipment. The Gold Medal Wine Club is just one of the Fantastic Wine Club that you get to choose from. You have the Gold, Platinum, Garagiste, Pinot Noir, International, and The Diamond Wine Club. You help but fall in Love with so many different Wines to choose from. I definitely will be a lifetime member of this club. Wine is one of my many weakest. I will forever enjoy a great and fine wine in my household.  Wine has never tasted great until you become a member of this Fine Wine Club.

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