Wednesday, February 8, 2017

CraftBeerClub { A Variety of Beer to Enjoy}

                      OAKTOWN BROWN ALE

Oaktown Brown Ale (American Brown Ale) is a Big bold, Brown Ale that redefines the traditional Brown Ale with its hoppy,maltly,and roasty style.This beer uses California-grown organic Cascade hops that givesit light flavors of orange marmalade,while the oak cubes give it structure and a full mouthfeel similar to a great Cab or Zin.The Oaktown brown starts bitter and roasty with subtle notes of smoke, but it then warms with layers of chocalate,toffee,caramel,and oak.The name "Oaktown" is a nod to the city of Oakland,as well as the unique use of oak to balance the hops.

                   CALI COAST KOLSCH

This is a light beer with tons of flavor, theCali Coast Kolsch brewed with german hops.Northern California barley, and Kolsch yeast to achieve a perfectly balanced and complex beverage. The Cali Coast is bright and crisp with spicy, fruity chasteristics and hints of breadiness, pear, and pear.This golden and refreshing ale certainly pushes the boundaries of the traditional Kolsch style,but it stands out from the crowd in a good way, offering a totally unique approach in distinctly Calicraft fashion. The  Cali Coast Kolsch and the Oaktown Brown Ale are two Beers is brewed at the famous Calicraft Brewing Company which is one of the largest Brewing company in the Bay Area.

                    WESTPORT WHEAT

 Westport Wheat is the newest offering from O'Fallon Brewery, and the first new release from the new 40,000 square foot brewery that opened last year .The beer is based on O'Fallon Great American Beer Festival award -winning recipe,  resurrected from the vault. Lightand refreshing ,the Westport Wheat useshints of Cascade and GermanTradition hops for a slight citrus character to balance out the lighter malts. The result is a clean and crisp unfiltered beer that is a great alternative to its light lager cousins.

              ZEKE'S  PALE  ALE

 A refreshing Pale Ale that's loaded with hop flavor  and aroma, without being too heavy or bitter. Zeke's Pale Ale is full -tasting but not overwhelming-the perfect sessionable Pale Ale. Head Brewer Brain Owens' stragery for Zeke's Pale Ale is to add hops only to the last part of the boil  ( a technique called "burst hopping") to drop in the unique flavors  and aroms of the hops with just the right balance of bitterness. The result is a dry, crisp,light-bodied ale with a hint of honey and hops. The Zeke's Pale Ale and Westport Wheat are two of O'Fallon Brewery selsective Beer. The O'Fallon Brewery is located in Maryland Heights, Missouri, and is a regional favorite widely praised for its distinctive, uniquely flavored, award-winning brews.

The Craft Beer Club discovers exceptional craft brews from around the country and delivers them each month direct-to-you or your gift recipient. Every selection is produced by small-production, independent brewers who use only traditional brewing ingredients and time-honored brewing methods. In addition to traditional bottled beers, we also embrace the hundreds of small craft brewers around the country that offer their hand-crafted beers in cans. It’s the newest way to enjoy craft beers.
There is no membership fee, no obligation to continue, and you may cancel anytime for any reason.

Each monthly shipment includes

12 World-Class Craft Beers
12 oz. beers
4 different styles
3 beers each

Monthly newsletter
The story behind the beer, what's in it, and where it originated.

Premium selection
The best selection of premium craft beers you'll find from any beer of the month club.

Door-to-Door Delivery
Choose Monthly, Every-Other-Month or Quarterly Shipments.
Always Free Shipping
Excludes HI & AK
Americans are finally beginning to treat craft beer as seriously as fine wine. World-class beer has all the complexity and food compatibility of wine and at half the price! Now is the perfect time to treat yourself, your family and friends to hard-to-find, outstanding brews from some of the best Brewmasters in the country.
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