Friday, November 18, 2016

CANDY CLUB : A Sweet Treat for Candy Lover's

Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are 100% of my very own,Regardless, I only recommend products or services, I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

I am in Candy Heaven.. I am a Candy Lover and I love to eat snack and savor the taste of candy. Even as a child and now that I am an Adult...Candy will always be a part of my life. I have always had what you may call a sweet tooth. I want to share with you this my Goodie Subscription Box that I Receive on a monthly Basis.  The Candy Club is a subscription box that you can sign up for as easy as 1,2, and 3.  the first thing that you will do is Sign up for one of their Monthly candy plan, which vary from a monthly box to a 6 month, or even a 12 month plan. This Candy Club box is worth every cent that you purchase. What I love the most about this box is you do not get what the company send out in the box, YOU ONLY get what you choose before you place an order. You have a variety of candies to choose from such as

Punchy, tart fruit flavors make these jellies a candy-lover’s favorite. Pucker up to sour watermelon, pomegranate, mango, lime, and more!
Gimbal's® Gourmet Sour Jelly Beans
The classic chewy morsels take a tropical vacation, riding in on a wave of bold, fruity flavor! Try kiwi-banana, Caribbean Punch, mango and other beach-worthy flavors!
Just Born Mike And Ike®Tropical Typhoon®
Enjoy a whirlwind of flavor with these sour Tornado Bites from Fini®. Twisted red, green, blue, orange, yellow and purple striped candy with a slightly sour filling inside. Unique and delicious!
Fini® Sour Tornado Bites
With their long-lasting citrus flavor, these individually wrapped logs of chewy lemon lusciousness bring that summer feeling to your world all year round.
Primrose® Assorted Lemonade Chews
Sugar sanded sweetness erupts from this flavorful, tri-colored mini volcano candy. Enjoy this fun, chewy gummi imported from Spain.
Vidal® Volcanoes
These treats pack intense, long-lasting flavor into every drop, giving you a berry satisfying candy experience.
Primrose® Wild Berry Hard Candies
They may be small, but these crunchy, mini, fruit-shaped candies offer a rainbow of scrumdiddilyumptious strawberry, orange, banana, apple, and grape flavors.
Wonka® Runts®
Enjoy a whirlwind of flavor with these very berry flavored Tornado Bites from Fini®. Twisted red, pink, blue and purple striped candy with a white layer of cream. Unique and delicious!
Fini® Very Berry Tornado Bites
Packed with multi-fruit flavor, these rainbow belts are a dream come true! A perfect combination of sour, sweet and chewy!
Vidal® Sour Rainbow Belts
Taking inspiration from creatures of the sea, Fini® brings us these flavorful and tart sea stars. Imported from Spain, these wonderful sour candies are sure to delight!
Fini® Sour Sea Stars
Puckering sour transitions into a delightful sweetness with juicy fruit flavors of watermelon, orange, lemon, lime, grape, and cherry. “Sour. Sweet. Gone.”
Mondelez® Sour Patch® Kids
These tasty candy belts strike the ultimate sweet-tart balance, with just enough sour to make your lips pucker and a fruity aroma that keeps you coming back for more!
Dorval® Sour Power® Strawberry Banana Belts
Make your inner child smile instead of cry with these mildly sour mouth-watering treats. These delicious pressed candies have a smooth pastel colored coating and are shaped like tear drops! The mix includes lemon, orange, cherry, lime, and raspberry.
Oak Leaf® Sour Baby Face Tears Sour Candy®
Pacify your candy cravings with these classic UK-produced gelatin treats, perfect for throwing at your favorite Beatle (fans pelted George Harrison with the candies in concert after he mentioned he was a fan) or enjoying the more traditional way (eating them).
Gustaf's® Jelly Babies
Double the fun with these 2-sided licorice wheels in multi-colors and flavors. Unravel them for long lasting enjoyment or just pop one in your mouth to experience two unique flavors at once.
Fini® 2 Faced Wheel Licorice
The classic taste of sweet lemon with a mouth puckering tartness is sure to bring back memories of warm sunny days at the lemonade stand.
Primrose® Sanded Lemon Drops
Flavored with real fruit juice, these yummy gummies come in flavors of strawberry, apple, cherry, lemon, orange, and grape. Try them all for a serious fix of fruity fun!
Albanese® All Natural Flavored & Colored Gummi Bears
Enjoy these fresh, fruit flavored jelly candies. You’ll want to pop them into your mouth one after the other! Soft, chewy and delicious with a light dusting of sugar. Imported from Spain.
Fini® Assorted Jellies
Sour pressed candy in amazing flavors of apple, orange, watermelon, strawberry and raspberry. Fun pastel colors with a mouth puckering tartness!
Sweetworks® Lotsa Sour Candy
A sweet combination of sweet and sour flavors in every gummy cola bottle. Each bottle is filled with a classic cherry cola taste and a slight dusting of sugar on the outside. Mouth watering goodness!
E. Frutti® Sour Cherry Cola Bottles
Get fizzy with it and let these classically effervescent candies sparkle on your tongue! Fruit flavors include blue raspberry, cherry grape, watermelon, green apple, and orange.
Andre Prost® Zotz®
These stocky little candies deliver a punchy sour blast that mellows out into the sweet fruity flavors of watermelon, apple, strawberry, blue raspberry or orange.
Gerrit's® Sour Blockheads®
These candies taste like hand-picked fruit straight from the tree. A colorful rainbow combination of citrus flavors: Lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit & tangerine.
Primrose® Assorted Citrus Slices
Enjoy seven bright colors and flavors of striped candy in fruit flavors of strawberry, grape, blueberry, lime, banana, orange and cherry.
Yum Junkie® Petite Sassy Spheres Assorted
A classic mix of tart lemon, tangy lime, sweet orange and ripe raspberry hard candies. Long lasting and flavorful, this mix is sure to delight your taste buds!
Primrose® Sanded Fruit Bowl Mix
Fresh strawberry flavor in a unique, jelly cone shape. This candy is soft, fruity, and delicious. Imported from Spain.
Vidal® Jelly Filled Twist Cones
Made to look like the real thing, these fresh blackberry and raspberry jelly candies are juicy and delicious and covered with small, crunchy, berry flavored beads.
Fini® Black And Red Berries
These chewy little candy "pals" come in a variety of fruity flavors and deliver a sour punch followed by a sugar dusted sweetness. Share some with friends!
Fini® Sour Pals
Tickle your taste buds with these hard candy drops, featuring five tangy, fruit-infused lemonade flavors including peach, blue raspberry, strawberry, pink and classic.
Primrose® Assorted Lemonade Drops
These irresistible soft and chewy candies, shaped and colored like real fruit, offer a sour burst of tart fruit flavors in every bite. Deliciously chewy and mouth puckering, this candy is a popular sour selection.
Mondelez® Sour Patch® Fruit Salad
Yummy flavors of blue raspberry, grape, green apple and raspberry will rock your world! Take them on tour with you in your pocket or purse for a headbangingly delicious treat!
Primrose® Rockin Rods
Someone with a whimsical imagination dreamt up these Jelly Clothes Pin candies. Shaped like wooden clothes pins, these chewy, sour, and fruity candies are a fun treat. Imported from Spain.
Vidal® Sour Jelly Clothes Pegs
Enjoying candy is a piece of cake with these tiny cupcake-shaped morsels. Mix and match "frosting" and "cake" pieces to create scrumptious gummy treats that look just like the bakery favorites.
Gustaf's® Make Your Own Cupcakes
These bright, fruity beauties are as delicious as they are colorful! Stretch them over your pinky or enjoy straight out the jar--either way, you'll be rolling in sweet style.
Nassau® Gummy Mini Rainbow Rings
This classic candy is sure to become a favorite with four refreshing flavors: green apple, grape, wild cherry and lemon. Lip smackin’ good!
Atkinson's® Assorted Sours
Wild cherry flavor is a rainbow colored twist! Perfect for on the go enjoyment or a colorful addition to any candy dish. Atkinson’s® Rainbow Twists are a family favorite!
Atkinson's® Rainbow Twist
Made in Brazil, these super chewy, super sour candies will make your mouth pucker. Tart flavors of orange, strawberry, passion fruit and green apple chews burst with flavor. Certified Kosher Parve.
Oppenheimer® Extra Sour Chewy Candies
Chewy, honey and almond flavored candy since 1924. Bit-O-Honey® is a classic nostalgic candy that is sure to bring back fond memories.
Pearson's® Bit-o-honey
This nostalgic sweet-n-sour fruit flavored candy offers long lasting enjoyment in five delicious flavors: cherry, lemon, grape, lime, and orange!
Primrose® Sour Fruit BallsYou get to Choose from this variety of Candies once you Sign up and start Tasting Delicious Candies that will leave you wanting to come back for more.
A mini version of vanilla cupcakes, these rainbow dotted morsels are just about as cute as a candy can get! They’re also yummy, with a sweet birthday cake flavor and subtly chewy textu
Get a taste of the West Coast in this sunny fruit and nut medley, filled with almonds, raisins, banana chips, cashews, d

Groupon Coupons: A better way to say Money $$$#Groupon #Ad

Coupons are a new way of life to to me when I am shopping online or in-store. I am a the type of person that loves to shop and I am a happy shopper that uses coupons to make my shopping experience more easier. My mom and I still clip coupons out of the Sunday paper to take to the store to shop. My Like and Love of Coupons runs in my veins. I get an Adrenaline Rush when it comes to me saving money on food,clothing, shoes, and to name a few items.  Time has changed a whole lot of things such as the way we shop, and what I am referring to is the way we shop.  Online stores to me offer the best coupons, I do a lot of shopping online in various stores such Brookstone and Hanes. Groupon Coupons is a great and wonderful way to find those amazing coupon for your online shopping experience and local store shopping. I use coupons all the time when I am shopping for many reasons such as number one as a source of me saving money when I buy products such as clothing and all the items that I need or would like in my home for the whole family. Couponing is my hobby, but now couponing is more of a passion of mines. When I get a discount or deal for Items such as everyday items that I use or can be used in my home for my family and myself, I get a thrill out of couponing.I get all of my deals and steals from this fantastic website by the domain name of but have has a variety of bargains that helps shoppers like me and my family to shop with ease. I go and click on the tab that says Coupons and there goes my adrenline rush when I see how many stores that I can use a discount on. I only can say that you can use the coupons , and I mean the digital coupons in store as well as online to shop to receive a discount at purchase or checkout.
All you need to do is sign up tp and Click on Groupon Coupons and get all those amazing deals for the upcoming Holiday season. Hurry to sign up to this great and wonderful sign to begin getting those gifts for family and friends. Especially, now that Black Friday Sales are easier to make purchase online instead of waiting in those long lines to get a Deal. Groupon Coupons offer over 1000 coupons sites that offer you way more than you would actually  get by signing up for membership to places that you would never shop at until you actually make a purchase. This is my Favorite site to shop on for those wonderful coupons. 
Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are 100% of my very own,Regardless, I only recommend products or services, I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

ANGVNS Women Long Sleeve Deep V-neck Pencil Dress Bodycon

ANGVS ( Long Sleeve Dress)

I love wearing Dresses especially during the Upcoming season such as Thanksgiving , Christmas and not leaving out NEW YEAR DAY.  One thing I do know you don't have to pay a lot of money to look Beautiful, all you need is a few Accessories such as a necklace, earring, bracelet and you have the perfect outfit. I am a Fashion person that loves to make a statement when I wear an outfit that I love. I love the feel of this has the spandex  that is stretchable when I wear it. I do not have to squeeze in this Dress, the dress is a perfect fit. This dress comes in 4 wonderful colors such as Black, Red, Blue and Purple. You can order a Dress in each color on Amazon. You will find a wonderful clothing line from ANGVS

Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are 100% of my very own,Regardless, I only recommend products or services, I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

NEW Thankful. Grateful. Blessed. Graphic T-Shirt ( CENTS OF STYLE )

Thankful Grateful Blessed Graphic T-Shirt

Why am I Thankful, Grateful and Blessed?

I can name many of reasons why I am Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed. I am a Spiritual and Christian person that believes in praying for better days. The first thing I do after I wake up is PRAY to my Heavenly Father for Blessing me to live to see another day and Thanking my Heavenly Father for Blessing me and my Family. I  am Thankful especially Thankful to live to see another day with my Family. Life is so short and the time you spend with your family and friends is often taken for granted. This is one reason why I cherish everyday as though it was my last with my Family. So, yes I am Thankful to have a loving family that I can laugh and cry with. 

I am Grateful for the kindness that I express to family and friends. A Grateful Heart is a Happy Heart. I start my day as well with a grateful. I am Grateful that I have a Roof over my Head and Food to eat because you never will know it maybe the smaller things in life that make a person with a heart as biggest all outdoors to show you kindness and love. I am in the Medical Profession and I get attracted emotionally to my Job at times. What I do in my profession comes from my heart . I have meet a whole of friends and family in my time to be Grateful for everyday.

I am Blessed that I have Family and Friends that surround me with their Love and Grace. I Pray for them to be Blessed and that Pray for me to be Blessed. Blessing come from the heart and is not sugar coated. Life is whatever you decide to make of it . That is one reason why I try to Live Everyday to the Fullest and Be Thankful, Grateful and be Blessed. Life is often Filled with mysteries but, don't let that be the reason why you cannot be Thankful and Blessed to live to see another day, and most of all being Grateful . My Shirt Represents how I feel .  You can wear a T-shirt to show how you feel by displaying the Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed T-shirt at the great store Cents of Style .The code is THANKFUL1 and it will make each t-shirt FREE with any $25 purchase, + FREE SHIPPING! Anything on our site is free game - any purchase that totals $25 qualifies for the free t-shirt.
  Put the code THANKFUL1 in the "Gift Card or Discount Code" Box to make your t-shirt FREE           .