Thursday, October 27, 2016

Christmas Shopping Just Easier For The Holiday Season #Groupon #Ad

The Holiday Season is when I like to shop, and the holidays are filled with Joy of Gift Giving. I have what most people may call a shopping addiction when it comes to a sale on clothes, shoes, household items such as Coffee makers, blenders....You name it I shop for it. I can not resist a deal or bargain as much as I love to shop. I have a lots of family and friends that love me for my shopping skills. 

Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are 100% of my very own,Regardless, I only recommend products or services, I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

Shopping is one of my favorite past-time hobbies. Who does not like to shop...because I do, I love to shop for whatever deals and bargain that I can get at a discounted rate or sale. I could not believe this wonderful site that I had the experience of using to do my everyday shopping. The site that I am referring to has deals and coupons to use in some of my local stores in my area such as Target, Walmart, Walgreen, Best Buy, and many more local stores in my area. You can Purchase over a 1000 Products that range from Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry, Toys, Food and Video Games. You can not go wrong when it comes to shopping . The amazing thing that I found was fantastic about all the deals that I found one truly amazing deal that I got was when I plan my vacation, all I have to do is search for that perfect vacation spot and find me and my family a great deal. The prices are a Steal when it comes to book a room for a family of 4. When I say I am amazed by the deals on this site, I am blown away with how the prices are so great. I like to save money and saving is having more money in my pocket to spend. My introduction to this site, which is a well known site with Lots of Deals ranging from Electronic to Clothing. Groupon Goods  is the wonderful and Amazing site that I am referring all my friends and family . Groupon Goods has a variety of  products to choose from, and with the upcoming sales such as Black Friday and the approaching Christmas Holiday Shopping Season. You will find more deals on Groupon than you would just by shopping from store to store. Signing up to Groupon is plain and simple, all you have to is sign up and start your shopping. 

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Holiday Gift Guide 2016

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Christmas is the time of year where , Santa is making a list and checking it twice. Now that is where a Holiday Gift Guide comes in handy. I am making a list and checking it twice. I am open to all invitations and opportunities to make a wonderful gift list for my holiday gift guide. I very open to any lovely gifts that come my way.

Here is a lovely list of wonderful things that I would love to add to my Holiday List: 
Gifts for Bathroom ( Towels, Shower Curtains, Mats, etc. )
Gifts for the Kitchen ( Blender, Coffeemaker, Microwave,  Mixer, Small Appliances, Kitchen utensils, etc. )
Gifts for Babies,Toddlers,& Kids ( Toys,Books, Electronic, Clothes, Shoes, etc.) 
Gifts for  Women ( Perfume, Clothing, Shoes, Electronics, Jewelry, Earring, Necklace, Rings, Gift sets, etc.)
Gifts for Men ( Cologne, Clothing, Watches, Rings, Video Games, Game Equipment, Sport accessories , etc) 
Gifts For Teens ( Headphones, Phones, Jewelry,Electronics,Clothes, Shoes, etc.)
Gifts for my Furry friend Pet ( Dog beds, Toys, Clothes, Food ,etc.)
Gifts for Gamers ( Video games, Game equipment, Electronics, Consoles, Handheld Games, etc.)
Gifts for Bedroom ( Comforters, Sheet sets, Pillows, etc)
Gifts to give Year-round (Subscription Box, Makeup box, Cheese box, Candy box, Perfume Box, Pet box,etc)
Gifts to Fill a Stocking ( Travel size Perfume, Lotions, Cologne, Soaps, Goodies that smell good period .)

Everything I listed doesn't have to come  from each category, it can be from a variety of categories from the list above, that is more than alright with me. Feel free to contact me, I am more than open  and willing to what Gift that would put a smile on someone's face.

There are several ways I can and will review these items or products :
Reviews (Free with a no minimum product value  or several items )
Please feel free to Contact  me by email for my shipping Address 
Please  or don't hesitate to contact me  ( 

What will this do for you and your company/brand ?
  •  You will receive a featured review post on your product with my honest and unbiased review of your product, and review of the product being posted to my favorite sites and recommendation to family and friends.

  • The Review will be shared by word of mouth to Family and Friends.
  • My Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and my favorite Youtube Channel  ( The Goodie Mob) all my goodies go on my social media.
  • Pictures taken of product along with the post, , Product link included with a post with pictures on Blog post.
  • Video review on my personal Youtube channel (The Goodie Mob)
  • I will Always include Hashtag (as requested)
  • Product Pricing, the link to purchase the product such as Amazon, or Company website with the link included. 

I will and depending on the submission and pending, I will always request that I am given an Adequate time frame varying from 2 to 4 weeks or sooner  to post the review live to one or all my social media sites. The post will be posted earlier in the time frame allowed. 

I do not pay for shipping, I will provide you with an address for shipping, contact me by email for the address ( will pay for a very discounted item for a discounted rate, and once item has been reviewed , I do not return items. Yes, your shipment is payment for my personal review of the item of choice or product. Shipping me the product is more than fine with me, I will gladly send my address to company/ brand thru my email (

If you are interested in working with me, I am more than willing to work with you and your business and it would be my pleasure to make this a Reason for the Season . I look forward to working with you.

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