Monday, June 6, 2016

My Fullips Review

Fullips have a new line of products ,and that is just to add on to their wonderful new line of skincare products that are currently added to their website at You will find a great line of Beauty products such as Lipsticks, Lip Glosses, and lot of skincare products such as their new line NEXSEY .The NEXSEY  skincare line has a wide range of beauty products such 
  • Nexsey -- Our New Neck Product designed to temporarily tighten the wrinkles on your neck! (includes small scissors)
  • Nexsey Natural Rosewater Toner
  • Nexsey Natural Velvet Moisturizer
  • Nexsey Perfecta Eye Cream
  • Nexsey BB Cream
    • Available in Light, Medium, and Dark

I just love the New Fullips Lip Plumping Gloss
  • Available in Cream, Pink Coral, Copper, and Pink Champagne
Here is A photo of me wearing the Pink Champagne 

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