Monday, March 21, 2016

Cave Tools Spatula Review

Barbecue Spatula with Bottle Opener

I like to grill outdoors with my family and we love those days where we all get to smell food on the grill barbecuing such as burgers, ribs, and franks. Barbecuing is a family tradition in our household. This Spatula has an bottle opener on it which is so cool I can pop a brew and go right back to grilling .What I like the most about this spatula is how sturdy it is and how it made of stainless steel . I have a couple of grill utensils and this is a heavy duty stainless steel spatula that does the job of grilling when it comes to barbecuing.I have always had a hard time flip my meat with a spatula that does not hold the strength that I need to use when I am standing over my grill. No one wants a you to drop meat while barbecuing, so that is why it is a great idea to have a sturdy spatula that can handle those tasks you have when it comes to grilling. I know for a fact that this spatula is great. I have an issue with trying to flip my burgers and the heat of the grill will be rising up and making it hard for me to extend my arm , so I need a spatula that is going to do the job , and not have to worry about the rising heat when I get ready to turn my burgers any meat that I place on my grill. This is truly a wonderful grilling utensil to have in my grilling set of tools, this spatula is one grilling tool that I will add on to my collection of fantastic grilling tools. You can find this wonderful grilling tool on Amazon or you can purchase this with a special discounted code : Spatula 15% off ZTLRH2XD .

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Disclaimer : I received this complimentary in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and my opinions are 100% of my very own.

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