Sunday, January 3, 2016

RaphyCool Steam Comb Review

I am in love with Raphycool Steam Hair Straightening product this one amazing hair product. It is better than a flat iron and I will be using this on my hair until I can no longer straighten it , the time it took me to just actually do my hair was truly amazing, I love how it did not take me long to straighten my hair.. It took 15 minutes top to straighten my hair. If I was using my flat iron it would have taken me me at least 45 minutes to an hour to straighten my hair. And another secret I did not use any thermal spray before I started on my hair. The only thing I did was add water to the steamer and set the temperature on what degree of the Hair straightener that I want to straighten my hair. I section my hair in the section I wanted straighten and then I proceed to straighten my hair . I did my whole head of hair in no time tops. This will be a number straighter of the year because you do not spend a lot of time straighten your hair. The only time your spend is relaxing and not having to worry.I have never in my whole life ever had a straightener that does the job and stand on top of all the rest . This is a professional styling tool that all beautician should have and own for their clients . I definitely recommend this to all my family and friends that love to have wonderful and beautiful shiny hair. And yes, when I straighten my hair with this wonderful hair tool, I must say how soft my hair felt after I straighten it. I ran my hands and comb through my hair and all I got was silky so hair. The steams helps you achieve a wonderful but yet amazing Hair straightening process. If you are looking for a great straightener for you hair this is it. Don't look any further because you have found it in the Raphycool Steam Hair Straighter.

Disclaimer : I received this complimentary in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, and my opinions are 100% of my own.

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