Thursday, May 14, 2015

W 7 Cosmetic Review

I blog about lot's of things but, I love blogging about makeup. First of all I must say I came across a great and wonderful cosmetic line of makeup, they have a beautiful line of cosmetic in a different  variety of category meaning lip color, eye color, foundations and many more beauty products to choose from. I was given a fantastic opportunity to try 3 beautiful great products in their  wonderful line of cosmetics. One of my best friend introduced me to this great cosmetic, and she was telling me how how wonderful one of her beauty product was than mines, and a course I love a challenge, I wanted to try a W7 beauty product, so I purchased my first beauty product myself and the product that I purchased was the W7  In the Night Palette (Smokey Shade)
This is such a beautiful  a beautiful palette with so many wonderful colors to chose from, I truly fell in love with palette, I ask myself why couldn't i have came across such a beautiful palette like this sooner. I have nothing but love for this company. I wanted to try more of the W7 cosmetic ,so I was given the opportunity to try  some wonderful products to review. First, beauty product is the Honey Queen (Honey comb blusher), this came in a beautiful  box with a Honeycomb design and not yet to begin when you open the box. Oh... what a wonderful Joy!!!, you are staring at a beautiful blush shaped  in the design of a honeycomb with beautiful colors inside ,and along with a beautiful pink/white applicator brush to use to apply blush to your cheeks. Second, I received a beautiful a Lip gloss that makes my lips  burst with a beautiful shine. The lip gloss is Super kiss(Birthday Girl ) in a soft pink shade when applied  to my lips, it has a light translucent shade with a beautiful gloss to make your lips sparkle and the last thing I received was a Mascara called the Bunny Lash ( Big Bouncy Lashes) in the color of black, I love this great color on my lash, I don't have to apply lot's of coats of mascara because this comes in the darkest color black, a color that you do not have to keep applying to your lashes. A wonderful mascara and I love it. I am truly in love with W7 cosmetics and recommending these products to all my family and friends. I would like to thank W7 also for the wonderful opportunity to review their great beauty products. 

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