Sunday, January 11, 2015

Whiplash Pink Eyelash Curler

I am in love with my Whiplash Pink Eyelash Curler by Crave Naturals. I have a pair of old eyelash curlers that pinch me (OUCH). Now that I have my Whiplash eyelash curlers, I can toss my old ones in the trash. I don’t have to try so hard anymore trying to curl my eyelashes. My Whiplash eyelash curler does a wonderful job on my eyelashes. When I received my Whiplash eyelash curler, I was a little curious, and let the truth be told. The Whiplash eyelash curler came in a beautiful pink box with graphics that I personally love. As I admired the beautiful artwork on the box, this catches your eye when you pick up the box, or even admire the creativity It took in make sure this caught your eye. This caught my eye, I know just alone by viewing the box was more than enough to say this is in fact a most admired and adorable box, and imagine what’s going to be one the inside when you open the box. Personally, I was amazed a beautiful pink eye curler and along with that refillable cushion pads to help make your eye curling even better. You even got directions right on the box to help anyone that maybe new to learning how to curl their eyelashes. It gave you helpful tips to make your curling to go smoother. I felt very comfortable using these curlers, without the worry of getting my eyelids pinched. So go head and curl your eyelashes with ease of no pain. If your curious where to find the Whiplash Eye curlers. You can find the Whiplash eyelash curlers on: , the curlers are currently available for purchase, and also scroll over to , Beauty in a Box.

I received this product for review purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products I use personally and believe will be good for my Readers.

1. Go to and search pink eyelashes curler.
2. Find the product and add it to your cart.
3. Before finalizing the order, use promo code: Q6824FWY to receive 25% OFF your order.

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