Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ozeri 360 Oscillation Tower Fan

As the season changes Springtime is the air, and a great Fan is needed to add on to the wonderful springtime weather. My Ozeri 360 Fan is my added feature for me to enjoy the spring weather. I love this fan for many reason and one of those reason are the remote control feature that came with the fan. The fan has a quiet setting when you turn it on/off , the fan is digital with a remote control included. My fan came easy to assembly , once I assembled the base the stand(bottom) of my fan I was the then ready to press the on/off button and enjoy the cool circulating air . My Ozeri 360 Tower fan came with a remote control. You have 3 modes to choose from when it comes to the setting such as Normal , Nature, and Sleep mode. You have 3 speed setting which is High, Med, and Low. You have an timer , meaning if you want to turn on your fan to cool off a room for an hour you can set the fan for that desired setting and the fan will shut it self off . You will know you have the right setting for this fan because you will see a Zzz icon . The fan activates oscillation at 60,90.120, and 360 degrees for partial to complete air circulation. The LED display on the fan will illuminate to indicate the oscillation mode is on. You have another cool feature the temperature auto lock , where the fan will detect the temperature and if this feature was activated when the fan was turned on. One of my fantastic feature is the night mode the light show the LED screen which is dimmed enough and not too bright to display . And my most lovable feature is the Remote control. I can operate this from my couch or even my bed. This is a great and wonderful fan to own especially for the summer season. You can purchase this fantastic fan on Amazon here is the link to click on

Disclaimer : I received this complimentary in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and my opinions are 100% of my very own.

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