Monday, December 14, 2015

Oxygenics POWERSPA Handheld + Fixed

I love taking showers as much as I like taking a bath. But, I love taking a shower more than anything, after a long hard day at work I can step into my shower and grab my favorite smelling scent (Bodywash) and cleanse my skin. I can't do this without my wonderful showerhead. The Oxygenics PowerSpa is a great way to take a shower and have a soft clean skin. Taking a shower is like heaven when you have a a shower head that relaxes you. My skin is soft when I get out the shower. It is a great feeling when , you feel clean after stepping the shower, and it is especially wonderful when you are nothing but relaxed. I want to mention all the great features of the Oxygenics PowerSpa . 


  • Use individually or Together
  • Oxygenics Spray Rinses hair faster and Exfoliates better
  • Saves up to $85+ per year
  • Easy spray selector

What is included in the Oxygenics Box
  • Handheld Shower + Fixed Shower
  • 60" Hose + Diverter
  • Plumber's Tape
  • Nonstick Internal Parts Prevent Buildup
  • Powerful Spray Featuring Multiple Oxygenics Engines
  • Easy-Clean Nozzles
  • Installs in Minutes
This ShowerHead has 15 Setting Total Spray Combinations , Each unit's Spray Setting include : Oxygenics, Widestream, and Massage setting. This ShowerHead   has a NEVER CLOG Guarantee for a LifeTime. This is a wonderful and amazing shower head that leaves you feeling stress-free after a hard day's work.

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Disclaimer : I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, and my opinions are 100% of my very own. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dessert and Booze Hacks

This is one amazing book that I read and have so many amazing recipes for dessert and so many ways to make or mix up a alcohol in a flavorful way. My eyes grew big when I was so amazed by all these wonderful ways to make dessert and booze fun. This is more of a recipe book than a regular reading book. The only thing that you would do is read the recipes to the dessert and booze. I have made several recipes already , one booze hack that I made was the Up-side down Vodka Orange , this is simple , you would get an orange, no particular size , pierce  small opening in the orange, and have available the those small shot bottle of Vodka that they sell in the Liquior store ( sample size) and unscrew the bottle and place in the open area that you made in the orange, and then place the bottle upside down in the orange , you will then let the bottle sit turnt upside down in the orange overnight until all the vodka has soaked up inside the orange, after the overnight soak. You now have an Vodka soaked orange, that you can eat as a normal orange or use for whatever reason you want to use the orange for. I love this recipe especially for the holidays. Just remember to keep this out of the reach of children, and I have one last booze hack that I made, the Drunken Gummy Bears or Worms. Like I said earlier these need to be far out of a childs reach because they will assume this is regular candy which it is not. This candy is also soaked in alcohol so that is why it is so IMPORTANT that you keep this out of reach of CHILDRENS. And yes, there are some simple easy to make dessert that I love to make . DELICIOUS is the word for this whole book.

Disclaimer : I received this book complementary in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  

Monday, December 7, 2015

Key Power Most Compact 12000mAh Battery Power Bank

This is one amazing powerbank , it is very powerful when it comes to charging your smartphone or even any compatible electronics device such as your Ipad or whatever device you use to that may need charging. I carry my powerbank in my purse or tote bag. What I like about this powerbank is you shake it, yes, (shake-it) to get the power to come and start to charge your phone or device.This is so cool, I have fun every-time I charge one of my electrical devices. What an truly amazing charger.

You Shake this Charger to get the power to start up. (Amazing)